The big scream 2020

The Big Scream Festival 2021
Was about the community having lots of fun

The Drac Olympics kicked off the week
And the chilling ghost walks made people freak!

Young and old loved the weekend funfair
And the haunted house gave everyone a scare

Our seniors sang songs from times before
Families played bingo and won prizes galore

Find the Fangs, Scavenger Hunts and the 31 Screams
Attracted loads more winners – the stuff of dreams

Canalaphobia, workshops and a movie in the dark
A pumpkin patch, Dracula and a real fairy in the park

They’re just some events that we loved this year
So, let’s hear it for The Big Scream with a massive Big Cheer!




Our young people are already getting into the Halloween spirit! Kids of all ages are making festival props and decorations in creative workshops.  

Check them out!

The Big Scream


Can you spare an hour to help at one of the many events in your community?

The Big Scream

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