Dracula author, Bram Stoker lived in the north inner city for longer than any other place in Dublin.

Stoker lived on Buckingham Street in the mid-19th century from the ages of 11 to 17.

“In those days, the north inner city was a Gothic Disneyland with a ghost on every street corner,” according to historian Hugo McGuinness who suggests that local lore and happenings had a big influence on the creation of Dracula.

Bram Stoker - North Inner City Dublin

Hugo McGuinness has written a booklet which includes a self-guided walking tour tracing the steps of Bram Stoker in the north inner city which can be downloaded here.

Buried Alive

Within minutes of where Stoker lived, there was a Suicide Plot where people who took their own lives were buried with a stake driven through their hearts to ensure they would not return as vampires. He also eagerly consumed stories of the sick being buried alive during the 1834 cholera epidemic as well as tales of strange goings-on and ghostly apparitions. During his time living in the area, rivers of blood also flowed down the street from a local abattoir.

Plaque and Mural

The Big Scream Festival has paid homage to its famous resident by erecting a plaque and dedicating a Dracula mural in memory of Bram Stoker. Visitors are regularly spotted taking selfies at this location on the corner of Buckingham Street and Killarney Street.

Bram Stoker House
Bram Stoker House - Kilarney Street